An actual play JSON api that allows you to search for key terms across a whole season of Friends at the Table transcripts at once!

The main api endpoint is /api/search. It takes a simple GET request with a few query parameters:

the return value is a json object like this:

    "status": "ok",
    "data": [
            "title": "episode title",
            "id": "episode transcript id (as in, the google doc id)",
            "rank": 0.0, // this is the rank of this episode based on search results; field not present if query type is 'exact'
            "body": null || "episode transcript", // only present if return_text=true
            "highlights": null || ["array of highlight strings"] // only present if return_highlights=true. note, the keywords in the query will be wrapped like this: <highlight>keyword</highlight>

if you want the raw text of an episode by it's google doc id, you can also GET /api/transcript/{episodeid}

to get a list of episodes per season, GET /api/season/{season-slug} (currently available options are 'autumn-in-hieron', 'winter-in-hieron', 'spring-in-hieron', 'marielda', 'counter-weight', 'twilight-mirage', 'road-to-partizan', 'partizan', 'sangfielle', 'extras' and 'patreon')